So after DUI my car was left with a “little” damage from the 5 car pile up….. So I decided to round up some friends and organize one last outing before the winter to Drift Union Matsuri! This event is usually known for a lot of cars showing up for the purpose of wall taps and… Read More

As some of you may know by now… My car got a smidge of damage at DUI this year.  Although my transmission survived for the first time ever at this event…. the body took the hit. I had great fun breaking in the left rear corner with a few wall rides and one hate tap… Read More

I had a long winter with the car and so many things had changed since last season that I was very nervous going into this event with ZERO seat time and just hoping that everything that my friends and I had done this summer was 100%. Well… I was nervous for NOTHING.  The car was… Read More

Well it’s about time i finished my prep for this season!  What can I say other than being an adult has it’s downsides sometimes.  However it is nice to have my own garage now. First off I ordered some goodies from GKTeck including this extended ebrake pull and the solid trans mount.  Late last year… Read More

The 4th annual Drift Union Invitational was to put it lightly… FANTASTIC! I got to drive with 2 dudes that came up from South East Washington in their cube van stuffed with one car and the other on the trailer!  Oh… and the big wings! Somehow I have managed to end up with a lot… Read More

Since the car has been painted I have not made it on track in almost a year!  Now that we’ve completed the motor upgrades as well it was time to stock up on tires and hit the track! Here is where the car sat after we finished the suspension setup (Thanks Afro!) so with this… Read More