Well as anyone that has been following along will know, 2015 was a rough year for me and my car.  Aside from the 3 front ends we bolted onto the car over the season to keep it looking kind of straight, we ended up pulling the frame straight twice and destroying another 2 transmissions.


So over the winter it was time to re-think some things and get back to having fun with the car.


Not a day after dropping the car off with my body guy…. He sends me a picture of his subaru front clip sitting on the front end of my freshly chopped off front end.  This man works fast!


From there on it was time to bend some tube.  Big thanks to Jamie from Metal Supermarkets in Richmond for getting the material delivered next day for me!  Awesome service if you need anything metal go talk to him.


Main Tubes are done!  Time to get on to the main structure for the rad/intercooler.


The next time I stopped by, it was getting very close for me to be able to take it home and pop the motor in.  One thing I’ll recommend that we didn’t have time to do is make that top bar removable.  Makes putting the motor in MUCH easier.


Oh Yeah.  I bought a hood vent.


Taking a moment to see what my “headlights” will look like once they are mounted.


The removable bash bar setup Ross made.  We looked into the idea of more bracing but decided a piece of 1.5″ .120 wall DOM was probably sturdy enough.


And a rear bar with a jack point that tucks nicely under the bumper!


One last look with the headlight on before I take it home and drop the motor in!

To give you an idea of what was left at this point.  This was May 1, 2016.  On May 28 I had to be on a trailer, done and headed down to PARC in Oregon for Final Bout which had already been paid for and committed to.  Let the games begin!


First thing I did when I got home was put my new subframe in with the Villains rack collars which ended up moving the rack forward just over an inch from it’s original location when we were done.

IMG_20160506_212123 IMG_20160506_212058

Then it was onto mounting up the GKTech Rack Extension and the Mis-alignment ends.  What a difference!  Removed almost all of my bump steer and got my steering feeling much better!


Installed my fresh new ACT Clutch and got ready to put it in the car.


After getting the car in and running the stock harness around the tubes, my crew chief, Kevin Wall decided it was time to remove all the unused wiring.  Let the cutting and tracing begin! (May 18, 10 days left)

Brb… Took a break to help Kevin race up the Knox Mountain Hillclimb.  


Testing to make sure the car fit in our “booth”.


Time to paint the beast!  So much to do I stopped taking many pictures but we got this done.  HUGE Thanks to Zack and Ian for helping me get this done.


First layer down!  Oh right…. It’s not going blue 😉


Some sparkle.  Looks like a whole new car again!


After a week of stressing out because My Tomei Reytec lost it’s tune and RG wasn’t able to get me in to re-do my old tune.  Evolution in Maple Ridge bailed me out in a big way working with unfamiliar software in a different language on an unfamiliar car but they did a EXCELLENT job and we rolled it off the dyno 4pm friday May 27.  It made 350/305 and we were ready for the weekend finally!

Time to go shred some tires!


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