As some of you may know by now, I parted out my 180sx in favor of building a whole new car for 2017 and possibly making a proam debut in it for 2018!

The 180sx is not gone, but it will be a super awesome fun car when my friend Josh and I are done with it.  Something very simple.

The new car however….  is a 2000 Nissan Skyline GT.

What started life with this RB20DE backed by an automatic transmission…

Now has mildly built RB25DET backed by a CD01 6speed transmission out of a G35.  Here’s also a preview of our CDxxx adapter plate for the RB’s.


THE BUILD – Part 1 – Back to straight

But before we get too far lets talk about what we’ve been doing since we started this project in October 2016.

First up was deciding on a power plant.  Since we had a VCT RB20 sitting there it was though that we might just strap a turbo, injectors, and management to it and see what we got.  Should have been a pretty stout little power plant for the time being but Gaelen stumbled onto a pair of RB25’s for a damn good deal so that was where the road took us.

From there we took the ‘built’ block apart to see exactly what we were working with since we knew it was going to be in rough shape.  The previous owner had run pump gas through it on an e85 tune from what we heard so we were expecting damage.

Once we had it apart we found 2 melted Wiseco pistons and some detonation damage in the head which meant a call to Wiseco Canada and ordering up a pair of fresh new pistons and a full set of new rings.

It was a matter of pulling the motors apart and seeing what we had and getting an adapter plate made up for the RB to CD01 that I had. For that we enlisted the help of RYD Motorsports in Langley, BC.  They’ve helped us out with some projects in the past and the guys there always put out great results!


Right after ordering that the hiccups began for me.  First week of November I got laid off after 3 years with my company.  So, purchasing parts had to wait for a bit until I figured out a bit of a plan….. However, being a car guy…. you all know how that goes.

I pushed hard and sold a lot of 180sx parts to keep the new build moving forward.  New rad from the guys at Koyo, ARP head studs, SGC intake manifold, Holset Turbo, Precision wastegate and an exhaust manifold.

With a lot of help from the rest of my team (Midnighters) we made some great progress moving in to the spring and I found myself a new job which meant I could finally order my suspension from Stance USA.  These guys were awesome and made me some custom top hats as well as setting my up will all new arms!

While I was hard at work getting things organized for NissanFest that was coming up far too quickly, my teammate (Ian Fournier) was working hard day and night on my car getting the motor buttoned up and getting it rolling so we could get it off to the frame shop.


With less than a week until NissanFest it was finally at the frame shop with my good friend Ross.  I really would be lost without this guy and his endless help over the years.

With that the car was now ready to roll onto the trailer and head out for NissanFest!




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