Well, It’s been a busy 6 months here for me…

Anyone that follows me on social media will know that I was laid off from a job of 4 years right as we began this build and ended up at two different companies over the past 8 months so it’s been quite the roller coaster of trying to be an adult and get my car done at the same time.

I’ve done a LOT of work to the R34 and I figured I’d update you all on the progress of it now.

First off let’s talk about NissanFest and how incredible it has been to do that event every year.  If you checked out my last update (#midnightersmysterybuild revealed!) then you know that we worked incredibly hard to get the car even rolling to make it to Nissanfest.

Well, as soon as I got home it was back to work stripping most of the interior out of the car and completely stripping the car of all the wiring. Back to basics right?

Stance USA came through with a set of D1 Spec coilovers and control arms for the car and I picked up a full front end super lock Kit from GKTech as well.  

This meant that the entire chassis would be new from the get-go.

This meant a call to the ever famous…. Ian Fournier(@ianfournierracing).  Master behind the wheel and one of the biggest influences on getting me to actually build this car.  So it was natural that he was the man to do the wiring!

We figured out the bare minimum we wanted for this car and ran all fresh wiring to get it done.  It has Headlights/Taillights, Brakelights, power windows, ECU power and that’s about it.  Since this car can never see the road there was no need for signals or anything else fancy.

After we began the wiring the car was back up on jack stands and it was time to make room for an intercooler.  I had originally thought I’d have to make a custom one but the  PBM High mount kit I had from my 180sx fit JUST barely.  I also fit an oil cooler using a very nice oil block from SSS Motorsports. 

Next up was our custom RB to CD trans adapter (yes it will be for sale on Midnighters soon enough).  With the ACT clutch and a lightweight flywheel bolted up it was time to bolt the trans up and see how much of the bell housing I’d have to clearance for the starter since I didn’t have time to do that before we dropped the motor in for Nissanfest.  I HIGHLY SUGGEST DOING THIS OUTSIDE THE CAR 🙂

Next up was the GKTech steering setup.  I opted for the extended lower arms as I much prefer a wide front track on my cars but they sell two different varieties with a good amount of adjustment on each.  The whole kit was very easy to install and after watching Dan Brockett’s videos on assembly it added some great tips.

With everything installed you can see I’ll have LOTS of angle to play with for 2018.

Stance USA suspension

Things were coming along and I got all my Stance USA coilovers and arms installed so it was time to slap my new hood on this baby and check out what she looked like on the ground!


Well, here she is.  Out of the garage for the first time in 6 months!






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