Well to say the weeks leading up to Final Bout went smoothly would be like saying sandpaper is smooth.  You can catch up on the winter build if you want more on that.  For now… Lets get to the good stuff!


Well as you can see, the car is now purple and we’ve changed a few things up for the 2016 season.  Fixed some issues from last year but this event was the first time on track since evergreen speedway last year so I was a bit rusty.  A few laps in and the car felt better than ever!


Just as I was getting comfortable… the transmission let go again.  Yes, that makes 7 for those that are counting.  Thankfully we brought a spare and rolled the car over to our cold pit area in the campground and got to work.  Some friends showed up as we were getting started and my good friend Josh came up with the ingenious idea you see above.  Under 40 minutes later we had the trans all bolted in and off the trailers only to realize the spare transmission was missing a piece for the shifter.  Sooo…. back out it came, crack the case open and swap it off the old trans and back in it went.  Time to go do the tandem competition!


Headed out for a few practice runs before we did a team run just to make sure nothing broke again and everything was working perfectly.


Onto the team tandem!  And what and entry we had!


I got right up on Ian’s quarter panel and our run was looking fantastic!


Oops… got a LITTLE too close and lost a bumper on transition.  That big R32 ass has some swing!


Thankfully little things like losing bumpers never slowed us down before!  We finished out the run without missing a beat!


As the day went on the Midnighters and I really got into more and more of a groove and comfort zone and I am very much looking forward to the team tandem competition at Drift Union Invitational July 2-3 in Penticton!  It should be quite the weekend for us!



One more just because i love running the edge of that track!


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