So after DUI my car was left with a “little” damage from the 5 car pile up…..

So I decided to round up some friends and organize one last outing before the winter to Drift Union Matsuri!


This event is usually known for a lot of cars showing up for the purpose of wall taps and smashing into each other. Thankfully this year there were more people there that we’re doing that so I had some cars to tandem with.


Seat time is the thing I’ve been lacking the most in the past few season and this year I’m happy I’ve had the chance to really get the car dialed in and get comfortable behind the wheel!


Keeping to tradition Josh Reading had some suspension issues with his car so he came to play in the pits for a few hours while he fixed the beast.


“Party” Marty walked away from a rather nasty collision saturday morning and hoped straight in the drift car for some sideways action!  Always a good time with him and his grumpy R32 sedan!


One of my favorite things is taking people for rides and seeing the smiles on their face after a good smokey run!


Coming hard off the bank after a good long heavy footed run always puts a smile on my face.


Lighting them up… Always fun!


Chasing down Jaydan and Marty.  Not sure where Mike went on this run….

Watch a quick recap!


Bye! Time to get to the fixing!

As always this would not be possible without the people who support me!  Thanks to, Northwestnissans, Taiyo Auto, Kevin Wall and my Midnighters team mates!

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