2011 Drifting Review

2011 was a fantastic year for me, I learned a lot about myself and my style and evolved into a much better version of myself in the process.  Along the road I got to meet a lot of fantastic people and as always look forward to meeting even more next year.

Part of my mission this year was to make my images available for people to buy easier, Presto!

Shawn and Logan from Drift Union at the Drift Union Invitational!

Micheal Essa from GSR Autosports in his BMW Z4 tearing up the bank in Seattle.

Western Speedway in Victoria, BC and this beautiful example of an SR powered corolla!

Walker Wilkerson at evergreen speedway for the Halloween Bash!  Congrats to walker on his

Nik and his SR powered S13 flying across the middle of evergreen speedway with his usually aggressive line.

Last but not least is Roland Gallagher and his Tiffany Blue S13, notice the shark fin on top as he enjoys another day at evergreen speedway!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of my 2011 favorites in the gallery


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