1989 Nissan 180sx (150,000km) – 350hp/305tq   Body Origin Body Kit Rocketz Type x bumper (spare) GP sports replica rear spoiler Custom Tube front end Rear bash bar with jack point Custom widened front fenders   Interior Grip Royal King Steering wheel Quick Reelase NRG adapter 100mm steering hub extender Zeitronics ZT-2 (2 temp and… Read More

I’m sure by now most of you would have hear about Translinks recommendation to toll roads/bridges in Vancouver to raise 160 Million Dollars per year in the future.  What I think they fail to realize is that they are already bleeding this city dry with their gas taxes, bridge tolls and a multitude of other cash grab… Read More

My first week at 3 Tier Logic has been fantastic, I usually find getting settled in at new jobs a bit of a task but these guys & girls have been great!… Read More

For the past 8 months I’ve been working for an online retailer called Wishack, doing everything from web/graphic design to IT and Social media Management. As of next week I’ll be starting with a new company called 3 Tier Logic creating campaigns and developing social media pages for various clients.  I’m looking forward to the… Read More

This is why we can’t have nice things…. I think this picture sums up my thoughts on why I refused to go downtown last night for the game.  Our city has turned into an unsafe place for anyone during any sort of event.  Instead of acting like civilized human beings they began destroying our beutiful… Read More

Creative Junction BCIT

Being part of the Website committee for our New Media Industry Night. It all began when we were provided with a logo created by a different committee in which we had to find a way to incorporate it as a theme into the website.  From the beginning we had plenty of good discussions and ideas… Read More